Genetic Epistemology by Jean Piaget PDF

By Jean Piaget

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T) t Black experiencing 2 units of displeasure. Given our hedonistic assumptions, there is, of course, no problem in assessing the intrinsic value of these five states of affairs and in ranking them. Thus p and s are good, q and t are bad, r is neutral, s is the best of the lot, and t is the worst. 9 Oskar Kraus, Die Werttheorien: Geschichte und Kritik (Brunn: Verlag Rudolf M. Rohrer 1937) 227. Compare Georg Katkov, Untersuchungen zur Werttheorie und Theodizee (Brunn: Verlag Rudolf M. Rohrer 1937), 67ff.

Moore holds that the intrinsic value of something is and must be constant, even if its contribution to the value off wholes of which it forms a part is not. Dancy holds that something’s intrinsic value may itself be inconstant. Not everyone has accepted the principle of organic unities; some have held out hope for a more systematic approach to the computation of intrinsic value. However, even someone who is inclinedd to measure intrinsic value in terms of summation must acknowledge that there is a sense in which the principle of organic unities is 56 Ross, The Right and the Good, p.

But I am quite certain that they are wrong in concluding that no such “isolation approach” yields adequate explications of these concepts. I believe they assume, as I do, that the bearers of intrinsic value are states of affairs − those abstract objects, designated by that-clauses and sentential gerundives, which are sometimes called “propositions”. Someone experiencing pleasure, for example, would be a state of affairs that is intrinsically good and someone feeling displeasure a state of affairs that is intrinsically bad.

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