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By Richard D. Atkins

ISBN-10: 0768020999

ISBN-13: 9780768020991

This e-book provides the elemental ideas required for the checking out and improvement of inner combustion engine powertrain structures, supplying the recent automobile engineer with the elemental instruments required to successfully perform significant checks.

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This is of particular importance when rubber in shear or in direct tension or compression type couplings are considered. Z6 Example of a hook joint cardan shaft. (Courtesy of University of Sussex) 4. The effect of the coupling so far selected on the whirling characteristics of the whole coupling shaft. 5. Possible detrimental effects due to the inability of the coupling to deal with reasonable run out. The effect of the coupling so far selected on the whirling characteristics of the whole coupling misalignment or, in certain cases, the effect of end loading produced as a direct result of torsional twist on the bearings and so forth of the engine and dynamometer.

Such equipment usually has a compensating device that will sense the temperature at the cold junction connection to the equipment and send a corrective signal to compensate for this. Hot Junction Protection The measuring tip of the thermocouple usually is protected from the effects of flow, pressure, and corrosive sources at the point being measured by encasing it in a sheath. There are three types of sheathing arrangements, and they are selected depending on what and how measurements are being taken.

Calibration is performed in-house by feeding the transducer with an exact pressure and then comparing this to the readout given on the screen. If inaccurate, a correction figure can be entered. 15 illustrates the installation of a pressure transducer. 15 Installation of in-cylinder pressure transducers. Flow Measurement The purpose of flow measurement is to measure the flow of fluids around the engine. The most common application is for measuring coolant andlor oil flows within the engine. Coolant flow is a requirement if a thermal balance test series is to be undertaken.

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