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By Benjamin C. Jantzen

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The historical past of layout arguments stretches again to sooner than Aquinas, who claimed that issues which lack intelligence however act for an finish to accomplish the easiest end result. even supposing technology has complex to discredit this declare, it is still precise that many organic platforms demonstrate notable diversifications of skill to ends. types of layout arguments have persevered over the centuries and feature culminated in theories that suggest an clever dressmaker of the universe. This quantity is the single complete survey of 2,000 years of discussion, drawing on either old and smooth literature to spot, make clear, and investigate severely the numerous varieties of layout argument for the lifestyles of God. It presents a impartial, informative account of the subject from antiquity to Darwin, and contains concise primers on likelihood and cosmology. it is going to be of serious worth to upper-level undergraduates and graduates in philosophy of faith, theology, and philosophy of technological know-how.

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It may be lightning or thunder or a bolt from heaven; it may be the birth or creation of some prodigy. Something of this sort must necessarily occur almost every day, so that our minds can never be at rest. Cicero thought that his treatise on the nature of divinity would go some way to clearing away superstition from proper religious sentiment and 6 Copleston 1993, Vol. I, 418. 0 7 Langer 1948, 80. See Copleston 1993, Vol. I, 379-84. 9 Copleston 1993, Vol. I, 380. 1° From Cicero's On Divination and quoted by P.

4 See Sedley 2007, ch. 1. " Arguments from antiquity The cosmogony of Anaxagoras was followed by more elaborate dualist accounts of the world and its structure, such as that of Empedocles. By the end of the pre-Socratic era, these rather successful dualist accounts were being challenged by the materialist theories of the ato­ mists. For the atomists, mind is not independent of matter but is, like everything else, a consequence of the properties and motions of material atoms. Atomism began with Leucippus, though his more prolific student Democritus is better known.

25 We can distill Balbus' lengthy discourse into four principal design argu­ ments: (i) the argument from order, (ii) the argument from purpose, (iii) the argument from providence, and (iv) the argument by analogy. 4. It goes something like this: the heavenly bodies exhibit order in their motion, therefore the motion of the heavenly bodies is the product of intelligent agency. 4956 this argument is elaborated, with various celestial motions described in detail as examples of the sort of intricate regularity exhibited by the cosmos.

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