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By Rainer Mahrwald

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Aldol Reactions presents a entire updated evaluate of aldol reactions together with program of alternative steel enolates; catalytic aldol additions catalyzed via diversified Lewis acids and Lewis bases; enantioselective direct aldol additions; antibodies and enzyme catalyzed aldol additions and the new competitive improvement of organocatalyzed aldol additions. the ability of every technique is tested by means of numerous functions in overall synthesis of traditional items. the professionals and cons of those methodologies with reference to stereoselectivity, regioselectivity and alertness in overall synthesis of traditional items are mentioned. nice value is decided to the various chances of the handbook of aldol response to put in required configurations in complex usual product synthesis.

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Evans DA, Cee V, Siska SJ (2006) J Am Chem Soc 128:9433 46. (a) Goodman JM, Paton RS (2007) Chem Commun 2124; (b) Paton RS, Goodman JM (2008) J Org Chem 73:1253; (c) Paton, RS, Goodman JM (2006) Org Lett 8:4299 38 2 Aldol Reactions with Preformed Enolates 47. (a) Dias LC, Aguilar AM (2006) Org Lett 8:4629; (b) Dias LC, De Marchi AA, Ferreira MAB, Aguilar AM (2007) Org Lett 9:4869; (c) Dias LC, Aguilar AM (2008) Chem Soc Rev 37:451 48. Mori Y, Kobayashi J, Manabe K, Kobayashi S (2002) Tetrahedron 58:8263 49.

G. 68 The C1–C11 subunit of tedanolide was constructed by a boron enolate aldol step. r. 3 Boron Enolates 37 References 1. Mukaiyama T (1982) Org React 28:203 2. Cowden CJ, Paterson I (1997) Org Reactions 51:1 3. Kim BM, Williams SF, Masamune S (1993) In: Comprehensive Organic Synthesis, Trost BM, Fleming I, Heathcock CH (eds). Pergamon, Oxford, vol 2, p 239 4. Evans DA, Nelson JV, Taber TR (1982) Top Stereochem 13:1 5. Mukaiyama T, Matsuo JI (2004) In: Modern Aldol Reactions Mahrwald R (ed). Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, vol 1, p 127 6.

In a further study, Paterson and coworkers investigated the total synthesis of spongistatin – an antimitotic macrolide found in marine sponges. 56 This synthesis is one of the most deployments of boron enolate aldol methodologies in natural product synthesis. A recent example of extensive deployment of Paterson’s boron enolate methodology is the total synthesis of maurenone. 11. 57 Thus, an access to eight possible isomers of one enantiomeric series of maurenone is given. Comparison of the 13C NMR data for the eight isomers with that reported for maurenone established the relative stereochemistry of the natural product.

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