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Menassiah,a contemporary from Simeon b. Israel's very R. ) This extensionofthehistoricalhomilyhardlydoes itviolence;it is likethatwhich R. Simeonb. Indeed, regardingtheyearningfortheTemple,he told thepeople thatthousandsdied in David's timebecause theydid notstriveto buildthe Templeand arguedthathis own age, whichsaw itsTemplebroughtto ruin, would be punishedevenmoreseverelyifitdid notproperlybeg foritsrestoofAmalekwithRome is wellknown. 40. See nn. 14,24. What is its point? II The studentoftannaiticmaterialsis alwaystemptedto unearththeirhistoricalprovenance;indeedin our case we facea virtualoccupationalhazard.

See n. 36. 35. 1 Samuel8:5. ) as a deviationsetin motionbytheoriginalsin of the monarchyof Saul! To returnto our textagain, the view thatIsrael oughtto have waitedto requesta kinguntiltheSanctuaryhad beenbuiltsits well with the midrashicview that these imperativeswere not operative upon entryto theland. immediately Third,we see thattheimperativequalityof themonarchywas fostered notonlyby studentsofR. Akiba; hereitis sharedbyR. Jonathan,a disciple of R. Ishmael,and is the basis fora discussionthatotherwiseacceptsthe attitudesof thisschool.

Judahand assignedto an anonymous severed(rathercrudely)fromtheopeningstatement speaker;whilethisstatementdoes appearin Tosefta,op. ,it is lackingat Sanhedrin20b and ofcoursein Sifre,sec. 67. Perhaps,indeed,undue contours suittheproblematic ofimmediate eveninthefulfillment hasteiscondemned imperatives. 28 but thereis even moreto thematter Ginzbergin his Legendsof theJews,29 thanhe noticed. shallyeseek:30 UntoHis habitation andsettled. ""'. . The verseapplies therefore . . afteryou have conquered,takenpossession,and conquestand settlement settled-thenbuild theTemple .

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