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By Richard De Neufville

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London 1976. Hardcover. 8vo, 201pp., index, forums. VG, moderate bleeding alongside most sensible facet and marking on best fore-edge, the rest mark on decrease fore-edge, in VG DJ, a number of gentle stains on facet.

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Since Britain accedes to the European practice of airline pooling - which means that airlines operating on a route basically operate as one unit and share profits according to some formula 1 2 - there is little competition among airlines at British airports. As the airlines are not overly worried about attracting passengers to their flights, they have little reason to spend much money on making their terminals more convenient or attractive. This fact, coupled with their desire to control costs, leads to an emphasis on economical construction and lower levels of service.

The consequences of these views are evident in French airport planning. The Aeroport de Paris is far more than an agency for managing Parisian airports. It is the Government's chosen vehicle, strongly supported financially and politically, for selling French consulting services and airport products. The Government wishes it to promote new products which - as with the Concorde airliner - are sold on the basis of their prestige and sophistication rather than their economy. This role of encouraging domestic industry and providing markets for them accounts for the multitude of innovations installed at the Paris/Orly and Paris/de Gaulle Airports.

3 Despite their superficial similarity, however, these reports are fundamentally different. Here, as always, we must remember that things are not identical merely because they are called the same. The US National Airport System Plan, for example, is a compendium of supposed aeronautical requirements that the national government compiles from local data. It grows out of a variety of ambitions and makes little effort to reconcile conflicting interests, to determine the most efficient use of resources - or even to ensure that the proposals are logically consistent!

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