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By Bob Ong

ISBN-10: 9719234202

ISBN-13: 9789719234203

I bear in mind i used to be depressed whilst i used to be examining this... I felt again then that every thing wasn't operating for me. So I went to the book place and sought for a publication which can most likely make me snigger. I selected this publication since it was once the booklet that the majority of my classmates have already learn and loved. After examining a couple of pages, i locate his anecdotes and outlines a laugh. i used to be pausing to snort at each one web page. i will be able to relate to him and it made me suppose stable. i believe each Filipino middle-class will locate familiarity to Bob Ong's books. besides, I by no means notion i might additionally locate it inspiring.

Bob Ong was once criticizing our society, yet in a satirical demeanour. You snicker whereas pondering, "Yes, occurred to me as well." yet at the back of your brain, you notion that, "it used to be so wrong." there are such a lot of issues we will research from this publication, which i believe each Filipino needs to learn. It stimulated my viewpoint of ways i glance at lifestyles, schooling, happiness, luck and my nation.

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