New PDF release: A Salty Piece of Land

By Jimmy Buffett

ISBN-10: 0759512922

ISBN-13: 9780759512924

In 'A Salty Piece of Land', Jimmy Buffett weaves a mesmerising story that mixes humour and emotional mirrored image. in spite of everything, one man's cathedral is one other man's fishing gap. And in Jimmy Buffett's international, paradise is simply a frame of mind.

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After a few more direct hits with a big rock, the padlock sprang, and I pried the iron door open. It creaked and squeaked and let out a thud as it banged against the wall. Inside, it was dark and hot and smelled like shit. “Here,” Cleopatra said, handing me a flashlight. I followed her with the beam of my flashlight, trying to keep pace as she bounced ahead of me like Becky Thatcher while I cautiously navigated the winding staircase. Our movements echoed off the iron cylindrical walls as we climbed through musty, humid air that had been trapped inside the lighthouse for God knows how long.

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The last time I had seen him was nearly five years earlier, when I had been hunting in eastern Montana and stopped by the reservation to check in on him. I didn’t find him in his double-wide on the reservation this time, but at a veterans’ hospital in Butte, where his shriveled body was stretched out in a bed, hidden from the evening sun by dingy sheets and dark curtains. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that the demise of Johnny Red Dust was due to the pack of Marlboros that sat on the bed stand next to the oxygen hose that snaked to the clear mask covering his face.

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A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett

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