Alessandro Aldini's A Process Algebraic Approach to Software Architecture Design PDF

By Alessandro Aldini

ISBN-10: 184800222X

ISBN-13: 9781848002227

ISBN-10: 1848002238

ISBN-13: 9781848002234

Concurrency idea, software program structure, method modeling and verification, and dependability and function assessment could appear unrelated disciplines, yet in truth they're deeply intertwined and may be a part of an built-in view on the way to effectively deal with the expanding complexity of software program structures today.

This ebook introduces a technique algebraic method of software program structure layout. procedure algebra, initially conceived for reasoning in regards to the semantics of concurrent courses, offers a foundational foundation for the modeling and verification of practical and nonfunctional points of speaking concurrent structures. this is often exploited on the software program structure point of layout to enhance the formality of layout records and make attainable the research of process houses on the early layout stages.

The first a part of the e-book deals an summary of the ideas and result of technique algebra thought supplying history fabric at the syntax and semantics for technique calculi in addition to at the bisimulation, checking out, and hint ways to the definition of behavioral equivalences for nondeterministic, deterministically timed, and stochastically timed processes.

Part supplies guidance for a principled transformation of strategy algebra into an architectural description language, ahead of demonstrating the best way to use method algebraic suggestions to deal with the detection of architecture-level mismatches, performance-driven choice between replacement designs, and the success of a tradeoff among dependability positive factors and function indices.

Graduate scholars and software program pros, will discover a method Algebraic method of software program structure layout an invaluable addition to their bookshelf.

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2. Let B be a binary relation over P. 4 Congruence Property Bisimulation equivalence is a congruence with respect to all the dynamic and static operators of PC as well as recursion. 1. Let P1 , P2 ∈ P. Whenever P1 ∼B P2 , then: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. a . P1 ∼B a . P2 for all a ∈ Name. P1 + P ∼B P2 + P and P + P1 ∼B P + P2 for all P ∈ P. P1 S P ∼B P2 S P and P S P1 ∼B P S P2 for all P ∈ P and S ⊆ Namev . P1 /H ∼B P2 /H for all H ⊆ Namev . P1 \L ∼B P2 \L for all L ⊆ Namev . P1 [ϕ ] ∼B P2 [ϕ ] for all ϕ ∈ Relab.

4. The following holds over Pnoτ : ∼B = ≈B,b = ≈B ⊂ ≈T ⊂ ≈Tr With regard to the testing approach, in general ≈T,may and ≈T,must are incomparable, but a relation can be established for strongly convergent process terms. 5. Let P1 , P2 ∈ Pconv . Then: P1 ≈T,must P2 =⇒ P1 ≈T,may P2 From the alternative characterizations provided in Sect. 2, it is straightforward to obtain the following result. 6. Let P1 , P2 ∈ P. Then: P1 ≈T,may P2 ⇐⇒ P1 ≈Tr P2 In general, concurrency theory distinguishes between linear-time equivalences and branching-time equivalences.

Its characterizing axiom is the same as for ∼S provided that P1 and P2 can perform the same actions, and its corresponding modal language turns out to coincide with the one for ∼S plus a refusal predicate [136]. 34. 35. Ready-simulation preorder, denoted simulation. 36. , ∼RS = RS ∩ −1 RS . Then, we introduce five variants of ≈Tr , all of which restore deadlock sensitivity. The first one, called completed-trace equivalence, compares process terms also with respect to traces that lead to deadlock.

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