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By Kenneth M. Setton, Norman P. Zacour, Harry W. Hazard

ISBN-10: 0299091449

ISBN-13: 9780299091446

The six volumes of A background of the Crusades will stand because the definitive historical past of the Crusades, spanning 5 centuries, encompassing Jewish, Moslem, and Christian views, and containing a wealth of data and research of the heritage, politics, economics, and tradition of the medieval global.

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1123/ 4), whose main contribution really belonged to the previous century, and whose death marked the end of the golden age of Arab scientific creativity. 71 Other mathematicians and astronomers, though often cited, were either compilers and redactors, depending on earlier Arab works, such as al-Kharaqi (d. l-Haitham (d. about 1039),H or technicians skilled in the construction of astronomical instruments, such as al-Badi' al-Asturliibi (d. 1139/ 1140),74 or mere summarizers who abridged earlier masterpieces, such as 'Abd-al-Malik ash-Shirazi (d.

1204) was, next to Averroes (Ibn-Rushd), the greatest philosopher of his time. Averroes belonged completely to western Islam, however, where he flourished and died (1198). Maimonides, though Jewish by faith, belonged to the Arab world of both the west and the east. He was born in Cordova in 1135. tlids (Almohads) in 1148, 63. Al·munqidh min ad-dalill, p. 174. 64. H. 1327 (1909/10)), pp. 80-81. 65. See N. A. , The Arab Heritage (Princeton, 1946), pp. 142-158. 20 A HISTORY OF THE CRUSADES v and for twelve years Jived in various places in Spain.

11-1, -462-463; for analysis of the work •ee Hellmut Ritu:r, in Der Islam, VII (1917), 1-91. 89. UsAmah lbn-Munqidh, Al-1'1/b/ir, pp. 132-134, 137-138. 90. See above, p. 24. 91. 1bn-abi-U~aibi'ah, 'Uyun, II, 112. 92. 432. 93. lbn-abi-U~bi'ah, 'Uy~n. II, US- 116. 94. , p. 117. ' .. 26 A BISI'ORY OF THE C RUSADES v mors of the body, and familiar with the various diseases to which man is susceptible and with the medicines which should be prescribed for each. Similar conditions were requi red of oculists (sing.

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