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By Steven Runciman

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Sir Steven Runciman's 3 quantity A historical past of the Crusades, one of many nice classics of English ancient writing, is now being reissued. This quantity describes the Frankish states of Outremer from the accession of King Baldwin I to the re-conquest of Jerusalem through Saladin. As Runciman says in his preface, 'The politics of the Moslem international within the early twelfth-century defy straight forward research, yet they need to be understood if we're to appreciate the institution of the Crusader states and the later motives of the restoration of Islam ... the most subject during this quantity is struggle ... i've got the instance of the previous chroniclers, who knew their enterprise; for struggle was once the heritage to existence in Outremer and the dangers of the battlefield frequently determined its destiny.'

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The local Byzantine forces were not strong enough to oppose him. 3 Next, Tancred turned his attention to Lattakieh, the Byzantine port that theN ormans had long coveted. It was more formidable; for its Byzantine garrison was reinforced by Raymond's Proven~al troops and was protected by a squadron of the Byzantine navy. 3 Meanwhile he occupied the hinterland, and attempted to capture Jabala, to the south. Bohemond had sent a 1 Schlumberger, Lts Prindpautls Jranques du Levant, pp. 14-IS, discusses Tancred's coins, which show him in imperial robes but wearing a kefieh on his head.

At the Emperor's request he went on to Italy and reported to the Pope everything that had been said to him; but he did so in such terms that the Pope's fury was roused against Byzantium. Had Pope Urban II still been alive, no harm would have been done; for Urban had large views and no wish to quarrel with eastern Christendom. But his successor, Paschal II, was a smaller man, short-sighted and easily influenced. He readily fell in with the vulgar Frankish view that the Emperor was an enemy. Alexius obtained no redress.

Early next spring Bohemond and Joscelin marched on Marash. Thatoul was powerless. The Byzantine army was far away. The Danishmend Turks were now on good terms with the Franks. He surrendered his city to Joscelin, who allowed him to retire to Constantinople; while Bohemond took the town of Albistan, to the north of Marash. 1 The Franks now felt secure from attacks from Anatolia. They could turn against the Moslems of the east. In March I I04 Bohemond reinvaded the lands of Rid wan of Aleppo and took the town of Basarfut, on the road from Antioch to Aleppo; but his attempt against Kafarlata, to the south, failed owing to the resistance of the local tribe of the Banii Ulaim.

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