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By Fahd al-Semmari

The significance of this assortment lies in its origins: for the 1st time, prime Saudi Arabian historians have created a heritage of the Arabian Peninsula which analyzes that heritage from an inner Arabian point of view. The booklet explores the unique Bedouin payment of the sector, the improvement of the key city components of Arabia in the course of the Umayyad interval, the socio-political and financial advancements within the Hijad and Najd as much as the eighteenth century into the trendy period and the increase and improvement of the Saudi kingdom. This booklet makes an important contribution to our knowing of the historical past of the Arabian Peninusla, no longer least since it presents a viewpoint from and a style of its neighborhood origins.

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It should be noted that the Umayyad government did not realize the situation of the mines in Yamama until about 128/745, when they began to form a special commission to supervise the mines. 125 But this came too late, as a large number of miners had already left. These pages point to several conclusions, foremost among which is that the Arab migrations, including that of Banū Ḥanīfa, did not cease in the Umayyad period, as some historians have suggested. We also note that migrations of Banū Ḥanīfa from Yamama during the Umayyad period were due to religious, political, economic and sectarian reasons.

38 The leather industry was so developed in Taʾif that its reputation spread far and wide and its products were exported to the other Islamic regions. ’ 40 Tanning was not confined solely to Taʾif but could also be found in Makkah in the early Islamic period. 41 It seems that this carried on into the Umayyad period, for Ibn Saʾad mentions that some inhabitants of Taʾif who settled in Makkah continued to work in tanning, 42 while Ibn al-Mujawar states that the tanning of skins was widespread in Makkah and in its neighbouring villages.

257. Aḥmad ibn Abī Yaʿqūb al-Yaʿqūbī, Kitāb al-Buldān (Najaf, 1957), p. 75. Al-Balādhurī, Futāḥ, p. 372. Abū Ja ʿfar ibn Ḥabīb al-Baghdādī, Kitāb al-muḥabbar (ed. ), p. 168. 84. Al-Ṫabarī, Tārīkh, III, p. 315; al-Iṣfahānī, Aghānī, III, p. 257. 85. Al-Iṣfahānī, Aghānī, III, p. 257. (The ‘ Ahl al-ʿĀliya’ refers to ‘the inhabitants of the high district’ of the Hijaz; see EI2, art. ‘Basra’. The Asāwira were of Persian origin, the Sayābija from Sind, the Ẓuṫṫ from north-west India. ) 86. Ibn Qutayba, ʿUyūn al-akhbār (Cairo, 1925–30), I, p.

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