Youssef M. Choueiri's A Companion to the History of the Middle East PDF

By Youssef M. Choueiri

ISBN-10: 1405106816

ISBN-13: 9781405106818

Справочник «История Ближнего Востока» предлагает свежий взгляд на многогранную и многослойную историю этого региона, к которому отнесены Иран, Турция, Израиль и Арабский мир.
В его составе – 26 очерков международного коллектива ученых, акцентированных, в основном, на новом и новейшем периоде. В очерках уделено внимание религиозной, социальной, культурной, экономической, политической и военной истории. Затронуты также текущие проблемы, такие как - нефтяной вопрос , урбанизация, роль женщин и права человека.Образцы сканов:

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In this sense Twelver Shı¯œ ism was an accommodation to the religious and political realities of the second half of the third/ninth century. The ending of the line of Imams, removing the need for struggle to establish his rule, and the transfer of authority from the Imam to the scholars, can, from this point of view, be seen as the crucial development in this direction. Not all Shı¯œ is, though, were prepared to follow this path, and others, such as the Isma¯œ ¯ılis, have also survived into modern times.

Rather, it is that those accounts, which represent virtually the only detailed and continuous narratives of events in the lands conquered by the Arabs, focus entirely on the concerns of the Arab Muslims and say hardly anything about the non-Arab and non-Muslim peoples who were conquered. It is as if, with the coming of Islam and the Arabs, they virtually disappeared. From other evidence – including that of the literature that the conquered peoples continued to produce in the Islamic period – we know that that was not the case.

19 Academic Reinterpretation of Some Fundamental Elements of Tradition As well as suggesting broad perspectives from which the rise of Islam may be viewed in a different light to that of the traditional accounts, academic research has raised questions about some of the fundamental details of those accounts. As we have seen, the Sunna of the Prophet, his divinely guided way of life and his decisions on questions put to him by his followers, known from thousands of hadiths, _ Each is one of the two main sources of Islamic law according to the traditional view.

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