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That’s my texture so that my initial pencil sketches will want to get the overall outline sorted before theory anyway, and I’m sticking by it. The piece more resemble traditional media. I also set the I start sketching detail. I show him as young is created digitally, starting in ArtRage 3 Studio background to a light buff color because I find and somewhat on the weedy side, reinforcing Pro and moving on to Painter 11. pure white too overpowering. 01) the idea that nobody could reasonably expect him to succeed in his task.

InterRealm maintenance, and construction of Once the core elements are in place, the next future constructs. To SkyBridge Pierpoint. aspect is to take the sketch into a fuller painting. Finally, our journey takes us into a clearing from Moss & Lichen For it is here, that in its heyday the first which we can take a short break for lunch and Thus lighting, ambient light, bounced light and SkyBridge pierpoint was thus established, and enjoy the view. local set dressing eg. com page 61 Issue 052 April 2010 Painting Steampunk Environments: Chapter 3 - Industrial The Five Ages of Steampunk pipes that through sheer age, weathering and Moss and Lichen are an interesting pair damp and low light conditions.

I paint onto the canvas underneath the sketch so that the sketch is still visible. When I’m done I drop the outline layer onto the canvas ready for painting. 06) Step 7 – Set up the palettes I find it very useful to do most of my work from a set palette. Moving to Painter I dab my desired colors onto the Mixer Palette. When I’m happy with those colors as a base I’ll create a Color Set Palette using the Create Color Set from Mixer Palette option. This takes care of about 80% of my color usage. For the rest I’ll just add colors to the Mixer Palette as required during the course of my painting.

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