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I am offering you a book which cannot fail to attract notice from everyone capable of knowing poetry when he sees it . . 36 8. p. . His work, never very voluminous, had from the first a rare and exquisite accent. One still goes back to the files of St. Stephen’s, to the Saturday Review, the Homestead, to various occasional magazines to find these lyrics and stories which, although at first reading so slight and frail, still hold one curiously by their integrity of form. Chamber Music is a collection of the best of these delicate verses, which have, each of them, the bright beauty of a crystal.

To represent this night-third of human life, he could not use a ‘wideawake language, cutanddry grammar and goahead plot’ (Ellmann, James Joyce, p. 597). Miss Weaver, however, became less guarded in her reaction: ‘. . I am made in such a way that I do not care much for the output from your Wholesale Safety Pun Factory nor for the darkness and unintelligibilities of your deliberately-entangled language system. It seems to me you are wasting your genius’ (Ellmann, Letters, III, p. 154, note 2). Joyce was, then, more and more aware of the hostility that was building about his experiment, just as he was aware of the yeoman work being done in explanation by the writers for transition, the Paris organ of the Revolution of the Word group, led by Elliot Paul and Eugène Jolas.

24 Edmund Wilson summarized Joyce’s reputation differently, however, in a review of Gorman’s biography: there are those who stupidly denounce him and there are those who perpetuate esoteric follies. 25 The observance of the sixteenth of June became known as ‘Bloom’s Day’ and was annually celebrated, provoking from Joyce the comment that ‘I have to convince myself that I wrote that book’ (Gilbert, Letters, I, p. 216). In 1927, however, the first major and significant blow at Joyce’s rising reputation was delivered by Wyndham Lewis in his review Enemy and then in his Time and Western Man (No.

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