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Second, are you willing to live your life knowing that any day your six-figure income can disappear in a puff of smoke? Imagine putting in these long hours, maybe even reaching your goal of a six-figure income. But, like many network marketing companies, let’s say it crashes and goes out of business. If you’re lucky, your down-line will stick with you and you can move them into a new network marketing opportunity. But imagine the feeling of going from $100,000 a year with a company down to $0 instantly!

If you really are producing consistent sales, it’s likely you’ll get an increased commission. Many affiliates could easily make an extra 10% to 20% in commissions, but they miss out on this extra money because they’re simply afraid to ask or don’t even realize that they CAN ask. The worst thing that can happen if you ask is that you’ll be turned down. However, you may also get exactly what you want, the increased commission, and that has the potential to increase your monthly commissions and put more cash into your bank account.

I suggest publishing your report as a PDF file, because people on both Apple computers and PC’s can download it and everyone can get the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your PDF report. com and look for information on Adobe Acrobat. You can also create (or hire someone to create for you) an e-book (50 to 200 pages) that features many, many of your affiliate links throughout it. One word of caution: Do NOT junk up your report or e-book with affiliate links. The BEST affiliate links are featured as a recommended source, within the context of your information.

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